Payroll system to allow payroll for all clients at a single subscription price.

  • No more pay per payslip, or other actions
  • Easy to use payroll that is fed by the HR records in your own HR System
  • Entire solution is cloud based to allow you access from anywhere
  • no more need to be in the office
  • Paperless HR and Payroll in a single solution

  • Comprehensive HR

    A comprehensive HR system with Payroll included at a single monthly subscription

    Fully Integrated

    Fully integrated HR and Payroll - No more imports required by Payroll Admins

    Overtime claims

    All Overtime claims pull through seamlessly from HR Simplified once approved

    Expense claims

    All Expense claims pull through seamlessly from HR Simplified once approved

    Easy View Payslip

    View any payslip before completing the payroll run, at any time

    Accountant Access

    Accountants get a special user login to allow access to multiple companies

    Automatic Payslips

    All Payslips are generated automatically on the fly so you have them available

    No Payslip Limits

    No limit to the amount of payslips that can be created. (Only pay per Employee)

    Payroll Reporting

    All Regulatory Payroll reports included in the package, no need to pay more

    Complete Payslips

    All payslips are complete and detailed generated in PDF and employee notified

    Adding Items

    Add Custom benefits and deductions per payslip as needed with SARS codes

    SARS Compliance

    All SARS codes and Tax Rates kept updated automatically as they are released

    Bulk Payroll

    Bulk Payroll run is possible after first full month payroll has been completed

    Compliance Reporting

    All required reports for Regulatory submission available in the payroll system

    Employee Self Service

    The standard Employee self service allows access to Payslips and information

    Payroll Periods

    Payroll package includes Weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly payroll options

    POPI Compliance

    HR Simplified payroll is fully POPI Compliant with best in class security

    Mobile Access

    Employees can access Payslips from anywhere on the go from a mobile device

    Simplifying your work day by being Incredibly Especially Extremely easy to use.