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Why does the HR Admin have more menu items than the normal user?
Since the HR Admin user has additional functions that they need to have to administer the employees and reporting, they have additional features that are not available to a normal employee user that logs onto HRSimplified.

These menu items include, Company Admin, HR Admin, Leave management and Reports.

What information do I need for an Employee?
The HRSimplified system stores many additional information fields about an employee that can be used by HR for the different reports and features.

Personal details:
Name, ID number, Contact details, email, Address, Foreign National, BEE status, Work permit numbers, Marital status, image, etc

Remuneration details:
Salary, UIF, Medical Aid, Retirement fund type, SDL, etc.

Leave details:
Annual leave days, Sick leave, Special leave, Family Responsibility leave

Next of Kin details:
Max of Two next of kin's can be added with all personal details Address, contact numbers, email, image, relationship

How to load a new employee?
Once logged into the HRSimplified solution, navigate to the HR Administration Menu item on the Left of the screen

On the HR Admin screen a Add new Employee button is located at the top of the page that will allow the HR Administrator to create a new employee.

All details must be populated as far as possible to allow for the creation of the new Employee.

What if I have many employees to load?
If you have to many employees to load via the HRSimplified Website, you can send a email to to assist with the loading of the employees.

The Support team will send you a Template file that you can populate from your existing records and once received will do a bulk load of your employees.

A service fee will apply, but a quotation will be issued before the work is conducted.

How do I update the Employee details?
Once an employee is already loaded in HRSimplified, the HR Administrator might need to update specific details of the Employee, for instance basic salary, etc.

Once the HR Administrator is logged into the system, they will need to navigate to the HR Administration menu item located on the left of the screen.

The HR Administrator will do a Search for the Employee in the Employee list (if the list is to long to display all employees on one page). The search will limit the list of employees displayed.

Once the employee is found in the results, the Drop-down button under the Actions heading can be used. If the button is clicked a menu will drop down, and the Edit function should be selected.
This will load the Employee record with all data populated on the single Employee screen.

Select the Data grouping that needs to be updated and update the required field.

Once completed, select the Update button and the data will be saved and available immediately in all reports and features.

How do I update the Company details?
If it is required to update the company details of the register company the HR Administrator or Company Owner can log in and make the required changes. This can only be done by the HR Administrator and Company Owner users.

Once logged into the system, navigate to the Company Admin menu item.
This will load the Company details in the main screen.

Select the required section and update the required data and select the Submit button to save the changes.

How do I submit leave on behalf of employee if they are not available?
If you are a HR Administration user, you can apply for leave on behalf of a user.

Navigate to the HR Admin Menu item on the left side of the screen.

Once loaded, select the employee you would like to submit leave for by locating them in the list of employees. You can use the Search feature to limit the number of employees you can see.

Select the Action menu and click Leave application.

This will create a leave application as if the Employee created it themselves. The HR Admin can then pick the dates, the time of leave, as well as attach a document if need be, and submit for approval.

How does leave approval work?
The leave is submitted by the Employee (or the HR Administrator on behalf of the employee).

An approval notice will appear in the Managers dash board view, of that employee.

The manager can then select the Leave application and approve as required.

The HR Administrator will also be able to see all leave that is in pending status on the Dashboard as well.

The Leave that is pending can also be accessed by going to the leave Management menu item on the Left of the screen. This will load the main leave interface.
On the interface there is a tab for pending Leave approval, if this is selected all pending leave approvals that the user has will be displayed in a list view with the ability to approve.

Where do I find Next of Kin Details for my employees?
When logged in as the HR Admin user, navigate to the HR Admin menu item on the Left of the screen.

Open the Employee view and select the Employee that you require the Next of Kin details for. You can use the Search function to reduce the list of employees to a manageable list.

Select Edit from the Action drop down button. This will open the Employee view that contains the Next of Kin tab at the top of the page.

There is also a Report available in the Reports menu item that will allow the HR Admin user to extract all Next of Kin for all the Employees in the company.

Navigate to the Reports menu, select from the Report list drop down the Employee Emergency Contacts report and click Generate. This will action the report building, and a download will start that will contain an Excel spreadsheet with all the required details for the report that was selected contained in the sheet for processing by the HR Team.

How can I see a quick overview of our business HR employee statistics?
When logged in as the HR Admin user, navigate to the HR Admin menu item on the Left of the screen.

Once selected the main Employee view will load, at the top of the screen is a Dashboard section that will supply all the high-level statistics regarding your company employees.

How do I load the company Assets to start using the Asset allocation feature?
When logged in as the HR Admin user, navigate to the Company Admin menu item on the Left of the screen.

Once the main company admin view has loaded there will be a Tab called Assets. Select this tab to see the company assets list.

The list will now be empty, please start creating the Assets by clicking on the PLUS sign in the blue circle on the Asset Registry section. A pop up will appear and allow you to enter the Asset details.

Please be as descriptive as possible and complete as many fields as possible. Once the form is completed, click save and the asset will now be available in the company for allocation to employees.

Please load as many of the assets as possible before starting to assign employees.

Once all Assets are loaded and available in the Asset Register (Left of the screen), the Asset Assignment section to the right will allow the user to select as Asset, and assign it to a Employee.

By looking at the Asset Register, the user can see that an asset is already assigned to a employee if a name is populated in the Assigned To column of the Register.

If an Asset needs to be moved from one employee to another, or be removed from a employee, this can be done under the Asset Assignment section by selecting the Asset. It will allow for a pop up that can be used for reassignment and de-allocation with a selectable date.

How do I use the reporting?
Once logged in as a HR Administrator/ HR Executive or Finance Administrator, you will find a menu item on the left of the screen named Reports.
This menu item selects the Reports screen.The screen contains a Drop-down menu that contains the list of reports available in the system.

The user will select the report required, this will load additional information required for the running of the report that the user needs to update. This could be selecting a user, or a date range.

The Generate button can be located to the right,once the user completes providing information. This will execute the report and download a copy of the report to your browser for use.

How do I access the generated reports?
Your internet bowser will be setup to download everything to a central download location on your computer.

Depending on what internet browser you are using this could be setup differently. Most Internet browsers have a Downloads menu item that will display all downloaded content, if you cannot find this, please speak to your IT Support team to determine where the downloaded reports can be found.

How do I know what the report contains?
Once you have selected a report in the dropdown, a brief description of the report will be displayed below the report section, this will describe that the report contains before executing it.

How do I open the report in Excel?
The reports will be downloaded as Excel Spreadsheets, and will contain a "," for the decimal indicator, to allow Excel to use this as a number.

The Financial value indicators are rounded to the closest cents. For example, R120,01234 will be rounded to R120,01. This will allow easier calculations during the use of reports.

How do I apply for leave?
When logging into the HR Simplified solution, you will be taken to the home page.

On the right-hand side of the screen is a section, called Navigation. In this section there is a link called "Apply for leave". When this link is clicked a pop up will become available that allows you to input the leave you are applying for.

Once the leave type is selected from the drop down, the available leave days before the leave application is visible, select the dates for you application.
If it is required to attach a document, drag and drop in the section indicating in the pop-up.

How can I see how much leave I have left?
When logged into the HR Simplified solution. you will be taken to the home page.

On the home page, there is a section called Remaining leave. This section contains the available leave days per Leave Type. If you have applied for leave but it has not been approved yet, the count of leave days will not have that leave deducted yet.

How can I see when my leave is, and if it has been approved?
When logged into the HR Simplified solution. you will be taken to the home page.

There is a Tab called "My Leave" that is visible to the user in the mid-section of the screen. If "My Leave" is selected a calendar view is opened that indicates all historic leave. If a user clicks on the day, an expanding section will indicate the leave for that day. If the user clicks on this leave item a pop up with appear that indicates the leave summary and the status. If it has a attachment that was submitted with the leave application, this attachment will also be available to view.

Why can't I update some of my personal details?
Since some of the data is captured and used for HR functions, like registering with SARS for Tax, details that cold affect this can only be updated by the HR Administrator.

For instance, a personal ID number or Passport number cannot change and hence you will not be able to edit it. If you do notice incorrect data, please speak to your HR Administration team to correct the issue for you.

How do I submit an Overtime or Expense claim?
When logged into the HR Simplified solution. you will be taken to the home page.On this screen in the lower right-hand side is a section named Navigation.

In the Navigation section, you can click on the Claim Overtime or Claim Expense, depending on what you would like to submit for approval.
Once this is clicked a pop up will appear that will allow you to enter the details of your claim

It will also allow you to attach any required documentation, based on your companies HR Claim Policy as required. The claim will then be sent to the manager for processing, during this time the claim is pending, and can be viewed under the "My Claims" section of your home page (lower middle section).

When will I be invoiced for HRSimplified?
You will be invoiced at the start of each month with a 7-day payment terms from date of invoice.

Can I pay online for my subscription?
Unfortunately not, the simple reason for this is that most businesses prefer to be invoiced and make payments for online services, rather than using a online payment processer with Credit card or Instant EFT.

If you feel that this would be a useful addition to the product, please feel free to email us at

How will I know when my Subscription ends, or I need to make payment?
On the Company Admin tab, you will be able to see the Subscription package you are currently on as well as the expiry date.

How will I know if I have more employees on the system than allowed by my subscription?
On the Company admin tab, you will be able to see the maximum allowed Employees vs the currently subscribed employees. If you need to upgrade your subscription please email

How do I cancel my subscription?
If you need to cancel your subscription, you can simply email us at to get the process started.

We understand that customer needs change, and hence they might need to move to another provider, so we will gladly assist you with this.

If you do cancel, the records for your company is removed from the system, so if you need to reregister in the future you will need to complete the setup again.

If I do not make payment what will happen?
If we do not receive the payment within the payment terms of 7 days, a follow up email will be sent to confirm what the problem is? The problem might be banking related, or simple human error. Only once this is process is completed will the account be locked for use. But we urge our clients to please make contact to arrange solution before this happens.

We are people just like our clients and do not prefer to lock accounts if a simple arrangement can be put in place.




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