How does it work?

  • COVID19 management tool for South African businesses
  • Capture Daily Screening of Employees in Office
  • Visitors Registration - Store all Visitors only once
  • Log Daily Visitors tracking and recording
  • Daily COVID-19 Questions to all Employees and capture answers
  • COVID-19 Dashboard for quick action taking
  • COVID-19 Reporting to report on all things COVID-19

  • COVID-19 at a glance

    COVID-19 management

    HRSimplified Covid Capture

    Daily screening results

    Screen your Employees every morning and submit the readings to be stored. Include if they are wearing a Mask, other PPE, what Workstation they are using and if they have other respiratory symptoms

    HRSimplified Visitor Covid Capture

    Visitors Register

    Replace your paper based Visitor register at reception, and keep track of your visitors online.
    Captor all visitors, their mask usage, their temperature and who they came to visit.

    HRSimplified Visit Capture

    Log all Visits to office

    Since Visitors are already loaded, only log a Visit and the Screening details every time.
    Quick and easy, no paper involved and no physical contact needed.

    HRSimplified Covid Company Docs Upload

    Company Document Storage

    Everyday some companies prefer to record all their COVID-19 stats on a paper based form. The form still need to be stored securely in case of a audit.
    With our new Company Document Folder it is possible to upload and securely store your COVID-19 scanning details to ensure compliance.

    HRSimplified Covid dashboard

    COVID-19 Dashboard

    The COVID-19 dashboard will show you where you as a business owner of HR Professional have Hot Spots.
    The dashboard will show you where employees with fevers are located, so you can act immediately to ensure the safety of your workforce. The Dashboard will also indicate the Employees that have not completed the daily online questions, and allow you to notify them with a click of a button.

    HRSimplified Covid Daily Questions

    Daily screening questions

    Submit up to 5 COVID-19 questions automatically to all staff on a daily basis and record their responses. You can load custom questions that suit your business.

    HRSimplified Covid Reporting screen

    COVID-19 Reporting

  • Orginisational COVID report
  • COVID-19 Scanned Management
  • COVID-19 Exposure Management
  • COVID-19 Daily Questions
  • COVID-19 Visitor Visits

  • HRSimplified Covid Temp Alert Report

    COVID-19 Temp Alert Reporting

    Specific reporting to alert on Employees with high Fever measurements (higher than 37.4'C). This means you can reduce your Risk by having a view over your entire Work force with a single report.