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The Challenges you might be facing with your Business's Payroll

Curing the Payroll Headache for Small Business in South Africa

The greatest asset to any small business in South Africa is the people that work within it. Even with only 10 employees managing the HR and especially the payroll with all its rules, regulations and taxes is a big headache for any small business. Paying staff on time is one thing, paying them accurately is another and a very painful migraine of a headache.

So how do you cure the payroll headache in a small business?

At HRSimplified we know how…

The Right (and best) Payroll Software

Even if you only have a small number of employees having the right software is the first and most important part of curing the payroll headache. HRSimplified’s payroll solution is one of the best you can choose and one of the most affordable by far.

The right Payroll software needs to be easy to use and should not require the user to have a masters degree in HR management, Taxation and Payroll Rules. The Payroll solution from HRSimplified is very easy to use, it can be used internally or by an external accountant or payroll management company to ensure staff are paid without any hassle.

Running a payroll in an excel spreadsheet is a time consuming, laborious, and highly inefficient way to work. The risk of errors is exceptionally high, and this way of working is costing a small business dearly in time it cannot afford being wasted on what should be a simple and quick task. With Payroll from HRSimplified a full HR Management suite is a provided as standard creating a supremely powerful solution that adds significant value to the bottom line of a small business driving efficiency and compliance by empowering staff through smart technology. You can test-drive HRSimplified for FREE for 30 days.

Automate Payments

Efficiency is something every company strives for and keeping employees happy in the process is vital. Paying staff late sees moral and loyalty plummet in a small business and this happens often at busy times when all hands are on deck and manual payments out of an excel spreadsheet are delayed. Setting things up to make automatic payments at a set time is another part of curing the payroll headache. Even if the boss is taking leave salaries and wages can still be made on time, furthermore, having a backup plan to ensure there is cash in the bank to service the payments is important.

Classify Employees Correctly

Classifying employees correctly is something many small businesses struggle with. Different classifications of employee may be taxed differently or may receive certain benefits. HRSimplified has a powerful and easy to use employee categorisation feature that ensures accurate salary payments with the correct deductions.

Accurate and up to date employee information

If employee information is not up to date or is inaccurate a small business is heading for a minefield of trouble. For effective and successful payroll management in a small business, employee information must be frequently reviewed and edited. Adding new workers to the payroll system as soon as they join the company, for example, is as important as removing ex-employees once you no longer need their details.

With Employee Self Service included as standard, this is a breeze with HRSimplified Payroll. Using this powerful and highly effective (and easy to use) feature, employees can check their contact information, banking details and job level information on the system at any time. Empowering employees in this fashion ensures everyone is always paid the correct amount into the correct bank account.

Keep up to date with Tax

Tax is a nightmare for many small business owners and keeping up to date with it is something a lot of employees do not enjoy, and many do not really understand. However, ensuring that the right tax amount is deducted from your employees’ salaries and paid to the government on time is vital. Fines and penalties are only too common in companies that manage HR and Payroll manually often costing them dearly. With the HRSimplified Payroll Solution tax issues are a thing of the past and tax is so much easier to get to grips with.

Simplifying Small Business

DataSimplified developed HRSimplified and the Payroll software to make running a small business not just easy but simple. The powerful, easy to use and very affordable HR Management and Payroll solution includes features that many systems ignore, overlook, or charge extra for. Developed with out of the box thinking and a sound first-hand knowledge of small business management, what is found in the box is more than you will imagine. HRSimplified takes the headache away from HR and Payroll and delivers a unique and refreshing (and valuable) return on investment. Cure your Payroll headache today and try HRSimplified for FREE.