How does it work?

  • Employees check in and out in Real Time
  • Employees can Add Events if not able to book live
  • Time sheets are submitted to Manager for Approval
  • Tasks displayed in multiple layouts to show productivity
  • Time sheet reporting available in system
  • Active Employees screen to see inactive staff

  • Time and Attendance at a glance

    Time and Attendance

    HRSimplified Check IN & OUT screen

    Check IN/OUT screen

    Check in and out when you need to. Be able to add Events for future planned activities and historical activities. When Checking out the system allows the user to add a note for the record regarding the event just completed.

    HRSimplified Team timesheet screen

    My Teams Timesheets

    Need to see how your team time booking is progressing? With the My Team feature a calendar display allows the manager to see how his direct reporting team is booking time in a single view.

    HRSimplified Time Sheet Submit Screen

    Submit Timesheets

    Timesheets need to be submitted for approval by a Manager to ensure conformance by Employees.
    Since not all tasks need to be Approved or Submitted, the system allows the Employee to decide what is submitted for Approval, or a bulk submission can be used to submit all.

    HRSimplified Time Sheet Approval Screen

    Approve Timesheets

    Once the Employee has submitted the timesheets for approval, it will be avaialble for the maanger to review and approve.
    For ease of use a bulk approval is included to streamline approval, while single task approval is still posisble for each event.

    HRSimplified Active and inactive screen

    In Office Indicator

    With a large organisation it is not always possible to know if a employee is available at the office or not.
    With HRSimplified T&A solution we offer a screen to show if a Employee is current busy with a Task(Active) or not, allowing Reception to know if a person is "IN or OUT" of office.

    No need to have a Expensive and unhealthy Biometric system at the office. Possibly spreading germs via contact. Employees simply log into HRSimplified and click Check in or Check out in real time to capture their times. Adding notes to the task when is stopped. Employees can add events afterwards as needed if they are not able to submit them in real time. Timesheets are sent to Managers for Approval once submitted by Employees.(Employee can decide what to Submit, since all tasks might not require approval.)

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