How does it work?

  • Load all Assets with a easy form
  • Also treat licenses as Assets
  • Depreciations tracking of Assets
  • Expiry notification on Assets (including licensing)
  • Full reporting stack for simple Asset Reports
  • Quick access to Simple lists like Unassigned Assets, Expired Assets, Allocated Assets
  • Many additional statuses available to classify assets and their conditions

  • Asset Management at a glance

    Time and Attendance

    HRSimplified Asset Management Dashboard

    Quick view Asset Dashboard

    Allowing a quick view to the user of your current value and Depreciation of Assets.
    Classified in Asset Types catagories.

    HRSimplified List of Assets

    Asset List

    Simple easy access to a complete searchable list of all Assets.
    Quick "Create new asset" to add new assets as quickly as possible.

    HRSimplified Adding New Asset

    Adding New Assets

    Easy to use online form in the platform allows your IT Staff and other particular employees to have approved control to add and edit Asset records.
    Powerful but simple form with intuitive fields allows you to ensure you capture the correct values.

    HRSimplified Assets Reporting interface

    Assets Reporting

    Simple fixed reports that alow extracts of all the data you require to make your IT budget decisions.
    The structured reports remove the complexity of trying to figure out what you need. Simple click here and download in Excel works for all clients.
    Reports are designed to include all data that would be needed to satisfy all requirements.

    Simple and intuitive Asset Management system. Start by loading your Employees, they are stored in teh system in the basic ERS system. Always have yoru Employee records available from anywhere. Load your Assets via the simple to use online interface. Capture all the detailed information about each asset. This includes Location, Conditions, Status, In-Stock or Allocated to a Employee. Also keep track of Parent and child assets, for instance RAM being added to a Work station. Very powerful but simple features that can work for all business types, even if you have no IT Asset Skills.

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