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So much more than a Online HR System

HRSimplified has evolved to become more than a HR system, it has turned into an Employee Management platform. Starting out as an online HR management system, with Leave processing, Overtime & Expense claims with detailed Employee Records. It now also includes many new stand alone features. A COVID-19 Employee Screening System that can also manage you Visitor Log. A Time and Attendance system to keep track of Employees, and even a Simplified Asset Management system. Everything you need to run your business on a single online platform. You can now decide what components you need for your business, and only subscribe to what you need.
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HRSimplified Platform

Cloud based HR system that manages your Employee HR Records, HR Notes, Leave management, Expense and Overtime claims, and more

Time and Attendance Stand Alone System

T&A system as a Stand alone system or fully integrated with our HRIS Platform (HRSimplified)

COVID-19 and Visitor Stand Alone System

COVID-19 and Visitor Log Register system as a Stand alone system or fully integrated with our HRIS Platform (HRSimplified)

Payroll Integrated with HRIS

Fully integrated Payroll for the HRSimplified HRIS system, all you need in one place.

Asset Management Stand Alone System

Stand alone Asset management system, allowing the management of all types of assets and allocations to employees.

ERS Stand Alone System

Employee Record Storage for your business, store all your Employee records online in the cloud to ensure they are safe and secure with access from anywhere.

COVID-19 South Africa
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